My brief relationship with Andy Damrell, a most impressive and cosmopolitan figure, ended with his recent, sudden and most mysterious disappearance. Andy is, to my knowledge, the original author of an incomplete manuscript, which I can but assume he intended me to complete and publish. THE AUTHOR is my attempt to carry out Andy’s request, and as I now see it, his mission – an attempt to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

Andy’s book CHEAP SHOT began during WWII with the Nazi invasion of Russia to bring forth a war-born character Rostok, the ultimate sociopath. Rostok later forms a dissident brotherhood of mega-powerful Russian Kremlin leaders into a force of international power mongers, finally resulting in the ultimate worldwide terror machine. Andy’s premise: Rostok and company have now imported, planted and will soon detonate nuclear devices within certain free societies.

Andy bases the logic of his beliefs on a very few absolute facts. The USSR produced over 50,000 nuclear devices during the cold war. The Russian Republic now admits that there is no accounting for several hundred of these A-bombs. Secondly, prior to 9 11, it was impossible to prevent the importation and dispersal of these special lightweight, low radiation, composite nukes and today their detection and deactivation is an insurmountable obstacle. The result--fact: The unlimited finances of mega-terrorists have secured a number of these A-bombs – they will be detonated within open societies.

I feel that the revelation of this information will delay the first detonations, but I also know that most humans cannot accept these blunt truths. My mission is, thus, to forge a resolve within society to weather the cataclysmic effects of this impending nuclear disaster.