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Entertaining presentation of facts, revealing extreme probability, terrorists have nuclear bombs.

Supporting Facts

50,000 nuclear bombs were produced by the USSR during the Cold War.

Implosion of the Union of the five Soviet states opened Pandora’s box.

Arms control treaties ignore tactical nukes--those less than ten times Hiroshima.

Russian and all other authorities agree that no accounting exists for a significant percentage of USSR tactical nukes.

$ Giga are available for the destruction of Israel and support by their "allies," USA UK etc.

$ Giga will buy a nuke.

A double Hiroshima size nuclear bomb transported in three components, roughly 130, 75 and 50 lbs.

In an extremely sophisticated operation, importation of these devices over the thousands of miles of US seacoast is basically unstoppable and subsequent detection is extremely unlikely.

Detection of hidden uranium A. bombs is not a practical option and any type of tampering can detonate these computer-controlled devices.



THE AUTHOR addresses my acquisition of CHEAP SHOT Andy Damrell’s novel, my analysis of and belief in its message.

Andy’s novel is included in this work, THE AUTHOR.

Andy’s novel was incomplete when he mysteriously disappeared.

Andy had been an operative for an international terrorist organization.

He intended to use the threat of publishing his novel to blackmail the perpetrators.



The ultimate atomic nightmare.

Don’t worry about men in turbans making A. bombs in dusty basements; do fear terrorists with nuclear bombs, not just the materials.



Rostok was a boy when Germany invaded Russia in 1941; he suffered much under the Nazis, but ultimately became a major power broker in the Kremlin.

Rostok puts together a plot to blackmail nuclear powers, by detonating bombs previously imported and concealed.

Fake hijacking of a Russian air shipment of nuclear land mines, exculpates the perpetrators.

Plot insures that al Qaeda type terrorist are blamed.

The "terrorists" are portrayed as making demands for all nations to disarm.

Bombs detonate in US, Russia, England—devastation and anarchy.

American good guy and gal fashion the pieces to the enigma, convince their boss, a Senator.

Guy and Gal fall in love; their theory and American resolve wins the day, but sad ending.



I am convinced that an anti Israel faction has purchased and planted Russian nuclear land mines in US, Israel and other countries.

Andy planned to reveal this fact with the release of his novel CHEAP SHOT, which is featured in my book.

Destruction of the State of Israel is the purpose of the real world plot.

Bombs are ticking away in our backyards, now.

Bombs will soon detonate in Israel, US and other countries.

If this work can make the world aware of this situation, I believe that it will help to harden our resolve when the nukes begin to detonate. This is the only hope--they will detonate.


About the Author

I am the author of this work but I cannot say that I am a writer, per se, having no letters therein. I simply believe in the message of THE AUTHOR and feel it my responsibility to bring these facts to light. With regard to literature, nuclear technology and terrorism, I claim no specific authority; facts are facts, nonetheless, and I invite critique on this matter.

I live in a small town in Alabama and I am a businessperson with interests in flying, children’s charities, nature, poetry and all things mechanical.

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