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Russell Lands, Inc. headquartered on the shores of Lake Martin in central Alabama, is recognized as the Southeast's largest private recreational developer.  It is a multi-faceted company that has a long-standing reputation for outstanding quality and impeccable service. Also visit:



ECON - In the 1970's Ben Russell began a feasibility and engineering study of waste wood as an industrial fuel. The outcome of this was ECON Company, which specializes in providing alternate fuels for industry.  The primary thrust of this effort is toward residual wood fuels for industrial boiler plants.  Since the company's inception in 1975, it has provided nearly 5 million tons of residual wood fuel to industries in the Southeast.  Combustion of this fuel has saved over 275 million gallons of fuel oil, without the cutting of an additional tree.

           During the 80's ECON was also the worlds leader in wood gasification for vehicles.  This research project was started in June of 1979 and by New Year's Day the effort resulted in a conventional automobile making a coast to coast trip, fueled solely by a gaseous fuel, produced by an attached wood fueled gasifier. This feat was the subject of a CBS, NBC and ABC "Real People" TV series. New Year's Day saw the vehicle having been driven to New York City, featured on Good Morning America.

          This was only the start of many successful vehicular gasification research projects.  For more information contact Ben Russell or Ryan Robinson at Russell Lands, Inc., 2544 Willow Point Road, Alexander City, AL  35010, (256) 329-0835.

          ECON also operates a huge plant to convert waste wood material into various landscape products.



Lake Martin Arts Council (LMAC) was founded by Ben Russell as the governing body of the Lake Martin Amphitheater and to provide a venue and opportunity for all people of the Lake Martin and surrounding area to enjoy and/or participate in entertainment, art and cultural events.



Lake Martin Amphitheater, founded by Ben Russell in 1998, provides a breathtaking view from a "natural," grassy bowl on a hill high above Lake Martin, .  The purpose was simple:  construct a facility overlooking one of the most beautiful areas of the lake and donate its use to the lake community to promote and provide for artistic and cultural enjoyment.  This, like many other projects is a tribute to the continuing generosity of the stockholders and directors of Russell Lands, Inc.



Lake Martin Resource Association (LMRA), founded by Ben Russell in 1970, is an active, member-supported non-profit organization that is designed to promote, preserve and improve Lake Martin and its adjacent lands.  LMRA has been working to better the Lake Martin community for over 40 years!  For more information contact John Thompson, President, LMRA, 2544 Willow Point Road, Alexander City, AL  35010, (256) 329-0835.  E-mail:  Website:


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